Questions and answers about Fear Fair – One of the oldest, best and scariest Indiana haunted houses

Q. Is it scary?

A. Is that a serious question? This is not your grandma’s haunted punkin patch. We deliver an intense, gut wrenching experience. Our goal is to be the absolute scariest of all Indiana haunted houses.

Q. When are you open?

A. Last full weekend in September and every weekend in October. Friday thru Sunday. Sign up for our email newsletter to get the latest info.

Q. Is it safe?

A. Absolutely, but you have to use your brain. If you close your eyes and run as fast as you can and flail around, you could probably get hurt in your own living room. We do everything we can to make sure Fear Fair is a fun safe event, but don’t run or hit and watch out for people who do.

Q. If I get scared and can’t make it through, do I get my money back?

A. Are you serious? You paid to be scared. One time this chick called the cops because she said she was scared and we wouldn’t quit scaring her? What a moron.

Q. Does Fear Fair offer group rates?

A. Yes. Tickets must be purchased online and group rates start at 15 people.

Q. Does Fear Fair accept credit cards?

A. Yes, we accept credit cards online and also at the box office. Just click on Purchase Tickets!

Q. Can I buy tickets online and avoid the line at the box office?

A. Yes you can. Click the “Buy Tickets” button in the top right hand corner of your screen.

Q. Are the monsters allowed to touch you?

A. Many people ask if the monsters can or will touch you.  Well, that’s totally up to you.  You will be asked at the front door if anyone in your group absolutely does not wish to be touched.  You will be given a glow stick at no additional charge and so long as you keep that glow stick plainly visible, the monsters won’t make contact.  It all depends on how much scary you are up for!  

Q. Are there any age restrictions?

A. Fear Fair is recommended for adults and teens, but younger children can come through with parents. There are no refunds if they have to take an emergency exit, though. In short, if you are wondering if your kids are too young then your kids are too young…so leave em at home… and that goes for babies…we deliver the same intense show to every group that comes through. We can’t cheat the adults who come through with you due to your baby freaking out.

Q. Is Fear Fair wheelchair accessible?

A. Unfortunately, no. It’s just not possible with our building layout. Apologies.

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